Census 2016

The next census will be on April 24th, 2016 and preparations are ongoing.  Recruitment of Field Supervisors is now closed. Further recruitment of census staff will take place in January, 2016 when vacancies for approximately 4,700 Census Enumerators will be advertised.

This web site will be updated over the coming months as plans progress.


Census 2011 - Find Information for Your Area

The Central Statistics Office have published Census 2011 Area Profiles for 350 areas across the country.  These profiles, which are short two-page reports, present an overview of census information for these areas in an easy to read format, and are aimed at both policy makers and the general public.

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Census 2011 - Final Census Profile Report published - Commuting in Ireland

The Central Statistics Office published the last in its series of Census 2011 profile reports on 13th December 2012.  

The report “Profile 10 Door to Door –Commuting in Ireland” presents a profile of the commuting patterns of the Irish population and covers modes of travel, journey times and time of departure for both workers and students.

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Census 2011 -  Publication of  Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS)

The Central Statistics Office published the Small Area Population Statistics, (SAPS) - the latest instalment in its series of Census 2011 results – on Tuesday 31st July.

The results are published online on the CSO website at www.cso.ie, using a new interactive mapping and search tool – SAPMAP.  The data consists of ...


Resources for Schools.

Learning about the census and about how to effectively use census and other statistical data is a key part of our education. It helps us to understand our society and our role as responsible citizens in participating in that society.

Census results from 2011 and previous years are available free of charge to view and download on the CSO website along with other resources for schools and step by step help on how to access the 2011 Census results. To View click here.

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The Census Form

The main household census form caters for up to six persons present in the household on Census Night. There are 30 questions on the form which must be answered in respect of each individual who is present in the household...