Managers of Homeless Accommodation

If you are the manager of an establishment providing accommodation or housing support to homeless people, please ensure you have read and are aware of the following information.

An enumerator will contact your establishment prior to visiting to determine the number of forms which will be needed. It would be of great assistance to the enumerator if you have a rough idea of how many individuals and families will be staying in the establishment on Census Night, Sunday 3 April 2022.

If your establishment is open to the public (i.e. tourists or other non-homeless guests also stay there), then anyone availing of emergency accommodation on Sunday 3 April 2022 should receive a Household Form .

If an establishment is closed to the public, but has a mixture of families, couples and individuals, then families and couples staying on Sunday 3 April 2022 should receive a Household Form while single individuals staying there should receive an Individual Form. Your enumerator will complete a Listing Form with you which lists all individuals who will be present in the establishment on Sunday 3 April 2022.

If an establishment is closed to the public, and caters only for individuals, then the enumerator will complete a listing form with you which lists all people who will be present on Sunday 3 April 2022. Everyone staying here should also receive an Individual Form.

Please advise anyone staying in your establishment who is completing a Household Form to skip questions H1-10 as these are questions relating to the establishment.

On the morning of Monday 4 April 2022, you should collect completed Household and Individual forms in the sealed envelopes provided and keep these in a safe place until your enumerator returns to collect them.

You may wish to make people in your establishment aware that there is information and translations of the census form questions available in 22 other languages. A Plain English Step-by-Step Guide to completing a census form is also available. Further assistance can be found on our Accessibility Aids page.