Census calls for apartment dwellers assistance

Enumerators will be delivering census forms throughout the long weekend

With Census 2022 due to take place on 3 April a team of over 5,000 enumerators will be continuing to deliver census forms throughout the long weekend. Following challenges accessing certain apartment buildings the CSO is calling on people who live in apartments to support Census 2022 by assisting enumerators to gain access to apartment complexes and buildings. Management companies are also being urged to assist by supporting enumerators.

Providing an update on the delivery of Census 2022 forms Eileen Murphy, Head of Census Administration said “Our enumerators have made excellent progress. In just two weeks they have visited over 1 million homes and delivered more than a third of the required forms. The Census continues to enjoy widespread public support, which is required to ensure a successful census.

“Despite this support many enumerators have encountered difficulties gaining access to gated communities and apartment buildings. We would welcome the support of people by facilitating access to enumerators. By law everyone present in Ireland on 3 April must have their data entered on a census form, so it is important that everyone receives their form before then.

“Census enumerators work weekends and evenings, when people are most likely to be at home. This coming four day weekend will be a busy one for enumerators as they will aim to take advantage of people being at home.”

Addressing security concerns Murphy said “Census enumerators will wear high-vis clothing and carry official CSO ID. More information on how to identify your enumerator is available on census.ie.

Eileen Murphy concluded by reassuring people who have not yet received their census form, “There is still two weeks for forms to be delivered and enumerators will be busy working right up until Census weekend.”