Census results

When will the first results be available?

The first results from the census will be published on 24 June. These Preliminary Results will provide initial figures for Ireland’s total population on Census Night, and the first breakdown of the number of females and males in the country. 

When will the full set of results be available?

The first official report – the Census 2022 Summary Report – will be published in April 2023. Further results will be published up to December 2023. These will cover a range of topics such as age and geographical spread of our population, housing, health, education and our occupations.

What results will be available?

Will I be able to see/use the results?

Yes. All of the Census 2022 results will be published on our website, and will be freely available for everyone to view and use. 

What about the results of previous censuses?

The Census 2016 results, and those of the previous censuses, are available on the census page of the CSO website