Census 2022 thanks Census field staff and the public for their support

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) wishes to thank the public for its participation in, and support of Census 2022. The CSO would also like to pay tribute to the almost 6,000 field staff who were instrumental in the delivery of more than two million forms to households across the country. Collection of forms has now … Continued

CSO Statement on Confidentiality of Data

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) never sells or shares information with third parties. Personal information provided to the CSO in the Census and other surveys is fully confidential and is protected by law, under Section 33 of the Statistics Act, 1993. All data published by the CSO is in aggregate form so that it never … Continued

Census participants asked to post back forms

Census field staff and enumerators have all worked extremely hard to ensure a successful census. The CSO would like to extend its appreciation of their efforts and thank them and the public for their support and participation in the census. Enumerators will be gathering the final forms in their areas this week, so if your … Continued

Census 2022 takes place tonight

Ireland to come together and be counted Census 2022 takes place tonight, with every individual present in Ireland legally required to have their information entered onto a census form. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is asking everyone to ensure their information is recorded accurately. There is a range of resources available on census.ie to help. … Continued

Census 2022 Reassures Homes who have not Received Census Forms

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has moved to reassure households who have not yet received a census form that deliveries are continuing. While the delivery of census forms has progressed well, the CSO has advised that there is likely to be a small number of homes that will receive a census form after 3 April … Continued

Public urged to ensure they have a Census form

All people in Ireland on 3 April legally obliged to have their information included on a Census form Census 2022 takes place on Sunday 3 April. Every person present in Ireland this night is legally required to be included on a census form. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today requested if you have not yet … Continued