Is this the job for me?

There are challenges associated with the role. You will be in frequent direct contact with the public. You may need to make several calls to particular homes to deliver / collect the census form, and so persistence will be required. Information collected during the census is confidential and can be sensitive and so you will require tact, consideration and patience to win the confidence and co-operation of householders. The work requires high levels of physical fitness, as you will be required to visit up to 400 dwellings, which in some cases may require several visits.

The following questions are designed to assist you in deciding whether the role of Enumerator would suit you. If you answer ‘no’ to a number of questions, you may wish to consider if this is the role for you.

Dealing with the Public

(Socially distanced if applicable at the time. Please note that all public health guidelines will be adhered to.)

As the friendly face of the census, it is important that

  • You are a sociable people person, and are happy meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life.
  • You are confident knocking on doors of residences not knowing who may answer or the reaction you might receive.
  • You are comfortable working on your own.
  • You remain composed and seek resolutions with people who are uncooperative.

Personal Skills

  • Are you proficient at map-reading, locating and finding your way around towns, cities and the countryside?
  • Are you smartphone savvy and IT literate? You will need to use a CSO smartphone for calls, texts, emails, internet access, mobile applications, GPS/Maps and video conferencing.
  • Do you like spending all or most of your time working independently?
  • Are you motivated to persevere in the face of setbacks?

Personal Organisation

  • Are you organised and methodical in your approach, especially relating to managing paperwork?
  • Are you capable of managing work within a critical and challenging deadline?     

Specific requirements of the Enumerator role

  • Are you available to work approximately 22 hours per week, mainly evenings and weekends?
  • Are you happy working out of doors in all weathers?
  • Are you available to work different hours – mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends – to ensure you meet your targets?
  • Are you comfortable around dogs?
  • Are you comfortable having your Field Supervisor visit you in your own home?
  • Are you physically fit, as you will be required to visit all dwellings in your area twice (at a minimum), carrying a satchel of census forms?
  • Do you have sufficient space to store the census materials securely in your home?
  • Do you have a good command of English, both written and spoken?
  • Do you have a current, full driving license and full time use of a car (necessary in rural areas only)?
  • If you live in a Gaeltacht area, do you have a strong command of the Irish language?

Detailed information on the Enumerator role is available in the Candidate Information Booklet (PDF).

Should you have any questions that are not answered in the Booklet, or wish to clarify anything in it, please contact us at (01) 8951400 or email us at